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Stay together with your dog. The cottage includes a bright, open window with a large terrace. A dog run for even large dogs to freely run around is provided.


Bring ingredients to the cottage and enjoy having a BBQ. Have a great time together with an abundance of meats and vegetables!

※BBQ grills are available for rental (Reservation needed 1 day in advance)
Grill, charcoal, fire starter, grill mesh, and drinks included for ¥2,200 (tax included).
※Ingredients must be brought and prepared by the guest.
※Please reserve in advance for the number of grills available are limited.


Run around freely in nature.

The village includes small, medium, and large dog runs; therefore, dogs can also have a relaxing stay.
With 2 areas for large/medium dogs and 1 area for small dogs, small dogs can enjoy their stay with relief.

Play to your heart’s content on tennis courts at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

The tennis courts of Village Kagetsuen have a magnificent view of Mt. Fuji.
All tennis courts at Village Kagetsuen are sand-filled synthetic grass omni courts, which are easy on the knees and back.
The courts can be enjoyed by a wide range of players from beginners to full-fledged tennis fans.
Additionally, the net can be removed to use as a Futsal court. Please inquire for requests.