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The bounties of nature enjoyed at Yamanakako.


Each “Village Kagetsuen Original” cuisine dish is prepared using carefully selected local and seasonal ingredients, with care and attention to health as well as to taste.
For dinner, 2 choices, the BBQ course and dinner course, are available to be enjoyed together with family and friends.


It is regret that this course will be suspended in 2024.

The “Village Kagetsuen” original dinner course generously uses the seasonal ingredients of Yamanashi.
In addition, premium wine directly from Shirayuri Winery is available for your enjoyment.

  • ・Local Vegetable Potage Soup
  • ・Main Dish (Meat & Fish Dish)
  • ・Rice or Bread
  • ・Chef’s Whimsical Dessert
  • ・Coffee or Tea

※This is a sample menu.
※If together with pets, the dinner course will be served in the terrace area of the main building.
The terrace area is generally used as a BBQ area; therefore, please anticipate smoke.

Kids Menu

Sample Kids Menu

  • ・Mini Omelet-rice・Salad
  • ・Mini Hamburg Steak・Soup
  • ・Fried Chicken  ・Dessert
  • ・Fried Shrimp  ・Juice


Enjoy barbeque with charcoal that brings out the flavor of the ingredients. Seafood, meats, and fresh vegetables are readily available.

  • ・Beef ribs・Pork loin
  • ・Chicken thighs・Arinated shrimp
  • ・Scallop・Vegetables
  • ・Sausage・Grilled rice ball

Guests may also enjoy BBQ on the Cottage terrace.
In this case, advanced notice will be required.

Premium BBQ

Enjoy a BBQ feast including fresh local vegetables and specially selected meats and seafood.

  • ・Beef sirloin・beef tongue
  • ・Beef ribs・Chicken thigh with bone
  • ・Pork shoulder loin・Awabi Abalone
  • ・Prawns・Scallops
  • ・Vegetables・Bone-in sausage
  • ・Grilled rice ball

Guests may also enjoy BBQ on the Cottage terrace.
In this case, advanced notice will be required.


Enjoy the morning of the highlands at the restaurant in the seasonal woods with freshly baked bread, fresh vegetables, the chef’s original soup, egg dishes, and free drinks.

  • ・Egg Dish
  • ・Bacon, Sausage
  • ・2 Types of Bread
  • ・Soup
  • ・Salad
  • ・Fruits
  • ・Free Drinks

This is a sample menu.
Sometimes may be served in salad bar format or in buffet format


Our famous original pizza delivered to your room!
Recommended for dinner, a late-night snack, or lunch during your stay.
1 Pizza: 25cm

※Please note that we may not be able to accept your request depending on the situation.

Premium Wine

[Wine (additional cost)] Delicious local Yamanashi wine is available for your enjoyment. Recommended to try with our pizza.

Delivered directly from Shirayuri Winery.
We also recommend the local Yamanashi prefecture 100% wine grape juice.
Perfect for a souvenir!

Premium Cuisine

On special occasions and when entertaining loved ones, enjoy our unique cuisine at an exclusive table in Yamanakako.

※Please inquire for details.

Executive Chef / 飯笹光男